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Research by Purdue University has shown that service dogs can help reduce hyper-vigilance, night tremors, outbursts of anger and cortisol levels experienced by veterans. These are the primary symptoms of PTSD perpetuating the epidemic. Most service dog organizations have no breeding program, often leaving no choice but to train dogs obtained from shelters. On average, only 1 out of 12 shelter dogs becomes a success service dog, contributing to waiting periods of up to three years.

Thousands of veterans come home from the battlefield disabled either physically or mentally. With more than 600 veterans taking their own lives per month—over 7,000 annually—veteran suicide is an epidemic. One beacon of hope however, is the positive impact of a service dog.

NEARLY 75% of Project 2 Heal puppies donated to partner organizations are successfully placed with SOMEONE IN NEED



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It can take up to 4 years and between $25,000—$40,000 to provide a life-changing service dog to a veteran struggling with PTSD or loss of limb. But it doesn't have to be this way. Project 2 Heal is a nonprofit working to reduce the cost and time needed to provide a service dog to someone in need. We accomplish this by breeding, nurturing, and donating world-class Labrador Retriever puppies to become service dogs for veterans, children with special needs, or adults with disabilities.

help heal a veteran &

honor a loved one.

By joining our Healing Pawtners, you have the chance to dedicate every donation you make to honor a loved one. Your monthly contribution of $25, $50, or $100 will provide a consistent and reliable source of funding to help us meet our mission. Your support will help nurture our puppies' growth and development, as we prepare them to literally change lives as future service dogs. To show our appreciation for your support, you'll receive:

  • Opportunity to honor a loved one through your charitable giving.

  • One "paw-tograph" from a Project 2 Heal puppy.

  • Professional family photo of each Project 2 Heal litter of future service dogs.

  • Access to visits with future service dogs at the Project 2 Heal facility.

  • Updates on puppy progress as our puppies are donated to service dog partner organizations.

  • "Healing Pawtners" car magnet to proudly display.


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brian mccrady

Brian McCrady is a retired Army Medic who has faced both physical and mental challenges as a result of his military service. Today, along with his service dog Chauncey, he's an advocate for the impact of service dogs.


Our mission is to increase the availability of a service dog for veterans, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities. We accomplish this through expert husbandry and nurturing of world-class Labrador Retriever puppies, purpose-bred and donated to service dog training organizations nationwide.

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