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Work hard, play hard! Elevate employee morale at your company by inviting our puppies to your office!


Project 2 Heal has been working with major corporations throughout the Charlotte area to innovatively address issues like employee satisfaction and morale through an exciting new program—
introducing, Stress Down Days!

Through this program, our trainers will transport a group of puppies up to six months of age to your location to spend the day enriching the workplace for your employees. These visits help acclimate our puppies to the human interaction they will encounter during service dog training—but also provides a unique opportunity to reward employees for hard work or simply boost morale after a long two years.

When you register for a Stress Down Day, you’re supporting our mission of healing veterans, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities. Contact us today to schedule an unforgettable visit!

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Our puppies know how to alleviate stress. It's one of the biggest ways a service dog helps a veteran with PTSD!


Our Stress Down Days provide a corporation of any size an opportunity to provide a positive mental health experience in the workplace, while also building camaraderie among employees. While we're happy to schedule a single visit, we can also work with you to create a bi-weekly or monthly Stress Down Day schedule for your company.

We do request a donation for our visits, as these contributions allow us to breed, train, and donate an increasing number of puppies to our partner organizations. The demand for our puppies currently far exceeds what we can donate to our partner organizations, resulting in a wait time of up to four years for a veteran in need of a service dog.

Research by Purdue University has revealed that a service dog reduces hyper-vigilance, outbursts of anger, night tremors, and cortisol levels. These are the primary symptoms leading to the epidemic of suicide among out veterans—currently 22 per day.

The bottom line is that mental health is a major issue in the corporate workplace and companies are looking for ways to provide these types of benefits to employees. Project 2 Heal’s Stress Down Day visits are a new and unique way to not only provide this benefit, but also thank employees for their hard work.

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Contact our Puppy Development Manager, Terry Sanborn, today to further discuss this opportunity. We would love to hear from anyone in the Greater Charlotte area interested in helping us serve veterans, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities.

contact us TODAY!

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