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Tax Returns



Keeping Our Commitment to Financial Transparency.

Your generosity has let us donate approximately 400 world-class puppies to service dog training organizations since 2014. Our pups far exceed the average pass rate for dogs placed in service dog training. The increased efficiency our pups provide to service dog organizations means we can continue to reduce the cost and time it takes to place a service dog with a veteran suffering from PTSD or with the many other people in need of a service dog.

As both the President of Project 2 Heal and a member of our Board of Directors, I take my responsibility as a fiduciary of the funds entrusted to this organization very seriously. It is only through the generosity of our donors that we are able to serve the service dog organizations that help veterans, children with special needs, and adult with disabilities with our outstanding purpose-bred Labrador Retriever pups.


To all our volunteers donors, corporate sponsors and potential donors we are extremely grateful for all you do for us. Our work would not be possible without your generous hearts. You have allowed us to provide a very specialized service to organizations that are much in need of it. If you would like to review our tax returns, please contact me and I'll be happy to provide these documents.


Rebecca Golian


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