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Tax Returns

As the President and Board Member of Project 2 Heal I take my responsibility as a fiduciary of the funds entrusted to us very seriously. It is only through the generosity of our donors that we are able to serve the service dog organizations that help veterans, children with special needs, and adult with disabilities with our outstanding purpose bred Labrador retriever pups.

Your generosity has let us donate approximately 100 started pups to service dog organizations in just the last 2 years. Our pups far exceed the average pass rate for dogs placed in service dog training. The increased efficiency our  pups provide to service dog organizations means our veterans will no longer wait three years for a service dog after being diagnosed with PTSD. The higher pass rate our pup’s bring to our partner organizations help to either keep costs where they are or reduce both the time and the cost of a service dog.

This page of our website will be dedicated to providing complete transparency of our financials. A 990 is a tax return for a 501c3 non profit organization. These have been completed for Project 2 Heal by our CPA , Mindy Distante. Please let me know if you have any questions about them.  If I cannot answer them I will bring them to Mindy until your questions are sufficiently answered.

To all our volunteers donors, corporate sponsors and potential donors we are extremely grateful for all you do for us. Our work would not be possible without your generous hearts. You have allowed us to provide a very specialized service to organizations that are much in need of it.

Thank You and God bless you,
Charlie Petrizzo

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