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skilled companion dog


Skilled Companion/
Emotional Support Dog

A skilled companion or emotional support dog is a fancy term for a well trained dog that was not able to pass the public access portion of service dog training. Such dogs  can make great companions around the home. They can also go to public places that welcome all dogs (PetSmart, Lowe's etc.)  


A Skilled Companion/ Emotional Support Dog is not a service dog. However they can be a great choice for a child with a special need that does not rise to the need of a service dog.  Such dogs have received extensive socialization and training. 


Skilled Companions/Emotional Support dogs become available when a dog from our Started Service Dog program is unable to pass a public access test such as the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. 


Please understand that Skilled Companion/Emotional Support Dog will need to receive continuing training to ensure that it maintains  its command set. Recipients of these dogs must acknowledge and sign a disclosure that sets forth the 


Skilled Companion/Emotional Support Dogs will be listed on this page. If you do not see a dog listed then we currently do not have any available. If you would like to be added to the list for a skilled companion please email for an application.

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