school outreach

Project2Heal works with each school’s personnel to meet the needs of the school population with the range of services we provide varying according to these needs.


School Outreach Program

We love visiting EC classrooms, where the dogs may motivate students to speak, complete academic classwork, practice reading, and make decisions as they give our dogs commands verbally and with hand signals.  Other helpful lessons include using soft touches, filling water bowls and thinking of the needs of another living being!  

The calming benefits of petting a dog can be found across the school. We provide opportunities for stress-down sessions to small groups of students, one-one sessions as well as faculty meetings.  We find older students are especially happy to have puppy passes during exam prep week.

In addition to having dogs available for petting, we partner with young students allowing them time to read to one of our dogs.   We also  work with teachers to write units to help motivate students in Inquiry Based Lessons.  Students are greatly motivated to dig deep into the content with our dogs being the focus!  


From Kindergarten through Twelfth grade, you will find students enjoying the benefits of a visit from a Project2Heal dog.

Email terry@project2heal.org to learn more!