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Pup 4 A Purpose

Project 2 Heal is proud to announce our annual Pup 4 A Purpose memorial award in memory of Daryl Patterson.

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Daryl G Patterson

1964 - 2019


Daryl was the husband of long time volunteer and creative director Kelly Patterson. Daryl courageously battled metastatic gastric cancer for two years with Kelly at his side. That battle ended on February 1, 2019.  

Kelly  came to Project 2 Heal in 2013.  Since that time she has managed the organization's social media and created the very well received Project2Heal puppy calendar. Her passion for those we serve along with her creative talents has helped Project 2 Heal to reach many more people with our message.  She is part of the small but growing Project 2 Heal family and her work is integral to the success of the organization. Project 2 Heal is proud to create this annual, memorial award that will provide a service or skilled companion dog to a person in need in the greater Charlotte area in Daryl's memory.   

After courageously battling cancer for almost 2 years Daryl Patterson passed away February 1, 2019. Throughout his battle Daryl never let this disease define him and always maintained a positive attitude right to the end and lived his life to the fullest.


Daryl valued family. His true two loves were his wife of 30 years, Kelly and son Nolan.  Together they built a life of traveling, enjoying a glass of wine by the fire and hiking with their dogs.


Daryl travelled the world, looked forward to every NFL season, rode motorcycles and enjoyed hitting the craps tables in Vegas with his buddies. During his career in the financial industry he mentored many and was always thrilled to see them all succeed.


Daryl believed it’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends and family.  He was known for his dry sense of humor and his caring personality.  He was the best husband and father anyone could ask for. Daryl will be fondly remembered by family, friends and colleagues.

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