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We're GIVING BACK by Fostering a Litter of RESCUE PUPPIES!

We're kicking off #GivingTuesday early by giving back to the rescue community! Last week, Project 2 Heal began fostering 4 rescue puppies from the Human Society of Union County! We opened our doors to these puppies so they could breast feed with our mother dog Charm, who recently lost all but one puppy from her own litter due to birthing complications. At only 2 weeks old, the rescue puppies still need mother's milk—however their own mother was too small to feed her entire litter.

Giving Our Puppies Strength In Numbers.

When it comes to nurturing puppies in preparation for service dog work, it's very important that a puppy be raised in a group. Living with siblings for a short time allows puppies learn to interact with other dogs and acclimate to the extensive socialization involved in service dog training. Living in a group with siblings also helps puppies stay warm and become stronger. Through competition for food, puppies are forced to climb over one another and develop muscles.

In this way, raising one puppy alone is quite a detriment. Referred to as "a singleton," this puppy won't receive the physical and social development from which it would benefit in a group.


Learn More About #GivingTuesday and Pup-a-Thon 2022!


Charm LOVES Her New Puppies!

At Project 2 Heal, we ensure that our mother dogs each possess a strong maternal instinct. This allows for the best nurturing possible for our future service dogs. Charm is no exception, taking to these rescue puppies immediately! The rescue puppies didn't hesitate at all... they sure were hungry!

These rescue puppies will receive the same nurturing and training that all Project 2 Heal puppies receive. We spend hours each day with our puppies, providing them with development processes including early neurological stimulation, early scent introduction, and obedience training. These puppies should be very adoptable by the time they finish with our nurturing, knowing basic commands at the age of 8 weeks.

While one-third of what a puppy becomes as an adult dog is determined by it's pedigree (genetic lineage), two-thirds can be traced back to the nurturing received during its Critical Phase—the first 12 weeks of life.


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Supporting Our Mission During Giving Tuesday:

For the past two years, we've celebrated the giving season with an incredible marathon of puppy videos known as Pup-a-Thon. This year, we're counting down our all-time greatest videos captured since our founding, each day for two weeks leading up to #GivingTuesday! Pup-a-thon 2022 will kick off on November 15th, with our all-time greatest video being announced on Giving Tuesday, November 29th!

This year, we're working toward fundraising goals in three major categories: Puppy Operations, Facility Maintenance, and our World-Class Labrador Breeding Program. Each of these areas of funding are imperative to our success as the only organization in the United States committed to breeding, nurturing, and training Labrador Retriever puppies, for the purpose of donation to service dog partner organizations nationwide.


$50,000 is our goal this Giving Tuesday. Help us sustain our life-saving work into 2023!

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