Teach Your Dog to Sit in Place OUTSIDE

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Join our Dog Trainer Estella for a lesson in teaching your dog to sit in place outside! This session takes our previous video on sitting in place a step further, incorporating distance, duration, and distraction.

Breaking this Training Into Steps:

Building upon the skills discussed in our previous video on sitting in place, we’re now going to introduce three new elements—distraction, duration, and distance. By moving outside, you’ve already introduced the element of distraction into this training.

Begin this session by repeating the exercise of leading your dog to and from their “place.” Once your dog is comfortable executing this task with the distraction of being outside, the next step will be adding distance and duration to the training.

To add these elements, start by first taking a step back once your dog has successfully moved to their “place.” Then, allow a longer duration to pass before you release your dog from the place command. As your dog progresses in skill, you can then remove the leash and start increasing the distance and duration incorporated in the training.

Have Training Tips of Your Own?

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