Teach Your Dog to Sit In Place

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Why Teach Your Dog to Sit In Place?

Teaching your dog to sit in place is a very important command, especially when visitors come to your door. Teaching your dog to lay down in their "place" (often a dog bed to make your pup comfortable) can keep your dog from exhibiting behaviors including:

  • Jumping up on visitors

  • Barking when the doorbell rings

  • Rushing to the door when someone knocks

Before You Begin, Have these On Hand:

  • Short leash

  • High-value treats

  • Dog bed or designated space

  • Non-distracting environment

Breaking this Exercise Into Steps:

  • Lure your dog onto their bed using treats.

  • Each time your dog steps onto the bed, utilize your clicker or marker word.

  • As your dog continues successfully completing this action, gradually add the command word, "place."

  • Once they've completed the action, lead them off the bed and repeat the exercise.

Training Tips to Remember:

It's all about timing. Even if your dog doesn't quite step onto the bed all the way at first, it's important to reward them for getting the behavior partially correct. While it may not be the desired final outcome, rewarding as they begin to learn this command will help them continue to improve.