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Our Puppies Are On a Mission to Change Lives.

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

It may seem lofty, but if Project 2 Heal can find just 1,000 donors across the entire country willing to donate only $5 a month, our organization could breed and train an entire litter of puppies every month of the year. With an average litter size of 6 puppies or more, this would mean at least 72 Labrador Retrievers bred into our 8-week program of nurturing and service dog training.

(At an industry high success rate of 75%, that would mean at least 54 fully trained service dogs coming from our organization ever year!)

What Would It Take To Get Us There?

If you think about it, many of us are accustomed to spending money to enjoy a night out. While it may not be the most relevant example in 2022, the classic example of movie ticket prices is currently $9.16. Meanwhile a meal at a restaurant currently sits at an average of $13, while mixed drinks at a bar can cost up to a whopping $15.

The point here is that while these expenses can certainly add up, these costs aren't great enough to keep us from enjoying a night out from time to time.

So now, we have just one question. You're reading a blog post on the website of a nonprofit that breeds, nurtures, and donates Labrador Retriever puppies to become service dogs. Therefore, we can only guess that you care about our cause.

If you're willing to spend a few $$$ every now and then to have a good time, how much $$$ are you willing to donate to improve life for someone desperately in need of a service dog? $5? $10? $25? Here's the impact these donations will have:

Monthly Donations at Work:

When you donate only $5 per month, your contribution covers important expenses, including:

  • First vet visit for entire litter

  • 50 pounds of high-quality dog

  • 1 puppy eye exam

  • 6 bags of high-value reward training treats

  • 1 puppy-in-training service dog vest

As you can see, there are a number of ways that $5 monthly donations can make a real impact at Project 2 Heal. With an average cost of $5,000 to raise and train a puppy litter of puppies through the first 8 weeks of life, we'd love for you to join us on our mission.

Click below to become a donor at any level that works for you. We need your help to raise puppies and change lives.


$5 Monthly Donors

Our bread and butter (or should we say, "kibble?"), these donors cover items listed above, including first vet visits!

$10 Monthly Donors

Each of our $10 monthly donors feeds an entire litter from birth to donation. (That's a lot of puppy food!)

I Want to Feed Puppies!

$25 Monthly Donors

$25 a month prevents fleas and ticks for a pup. With 30+ puppies expected in 2021, these donors mean the world!

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