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Project 2 Heal Announces FIRST-EVER Open House Dates!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Who: Project 2 Heal

What: In-Person Open House Event Dates

When: Tuesday, August 16th at 7pm | Saturday, August 20th at 10am

Where: 7008 Providence Road South, Waxhaw, NC 28173

Why: Connecting with members of the Charlotte area looking to get involved in our work.

* We've added NEW DATES for September! Join us Tuesday, Sept. 13th or Saturday Sept. 17th! *

Project 2 Heal is excited to announce our FIRST-EVER Open House event dates! These limited availability events will provide people across the Charlotte region with an opportunity to learn about our organization by meeting members of our staff, touring our facility, and of course spending time with newborn puppies. Through these events, we intend to connect with members of our community and grow our dedicated network of support.

We’re seeking people looking to advance our work of breeding, nurturing, and donating Labrador Retriever puppies to become service dogs for people in need. If you’re passionate about helping veterans, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities—we WANT YOU for Open House!

Tuesday, August 16th at 7pm | Saturday, August 20th at 10am

Open House events are expected to last approximately 1 hour and will begin with an engaging presentation by our President and Founder Charlie Petrizzo. After a successful career spanning nearly 20 years in the financial sector, Charlie and his wife Sandy began the full-time work of breeding, nurturing, and donating Labrador Retriever puppies to become service dogs in 2005.

Following the presentation, visitors will begin a guided tour of the facilities in which our trainers nurture our newborn puppies using scientifically proven development methods, including our Whelping Room and Puppy Experience Room. Plus, we’ll take visitors down to our kennel facility, in which we home future mother dogs and Started Service Dogs.

(Future mother dogs are kept at our facility, until found a home through our Chaperone Program.)

Project 2 Heal Open House is open to attendees at no cost, but we are seeking individuals who are seriously interested in becoming involved with Project 2 Heal. Open House attendees should be interested in learning how to make an impact in one more of the following ways:

  • Volunteering

  • Becoming a Monthly Donor

  • Becoming the Chaperone Owner of a Future Mother Dog

  • Becoming a Project 2 Heal Board Member

Limited Event Capacity

Due to limited parking, each Open House date is open to ONLY 10 registrants. (Don’t worry, a group of people traveling in 1 vehicle can still register as 1 registrant. But please let us know how many people to expect in your group.) If you are interested, please click here to complete our registration form.

*In accordance with our capacity limitations, we may exercise discretion in extending official invitations.

Learn More About Project 2 Heal

Registered as a nonprofit in 2011, Project 2 Heal began as a labor of love funded by founders Charlie and Sandy Petrizzo to utilize their love of animals to make a difference in the lives of veterans struggling with PTSD or physical disabilities. Recognizing that most service dog organizations have no breeding program (often leaving no choice but to train dogs taken from shelters) as well as the fact that only 1 out of 12 shelter dogs become successful service dogs, Project 2 Heal began working to fill this gap.

Our mission is to reduce the cost and time it takes to place a service dog with a person in need. We accomplish this by nurturing, socializing and training purpose-bred Labrador Retriever puppies, for donation, to carefully selected service dog organizations.

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