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How to Train Your Dog to Lie Down

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Why Teach Your Dog to Lie Down?

Teaching your dog to lie down is one of the most basic and important skills you can train them to perform. Teaching this command allows you to curtail overly energetic behavior and calm your dog.

Before You Begin, Keep in Mind:

  • Always have dog treats available to use before training.

  • Have a marker word in mind or clicker on hand.

Let's Break this Training Into 3 Parts:

  • Luring: With a treat in your hand, lead your pup into a position of lying down.

  • Add a Verbal Cue: Once your dog becomes used to this movement, begin building an association between lying down and a distinct verbal cue or clicker sound.

  • Stripping Away Luring: Through repetition, your dog will begin performing this behavior without a constant reward. Thus, luring can be removed from the process over time.

Have Any Tips of Your Own?

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