How to Get Your Dog Comfortable with a Leash

Why Is Leash Training Your Dog Important?

It may seem basic, but training your dog to walk and behave on a leash is actually a detailed process. Teaching your dog to behave on a leash will help keep them from pulling in a different direction when on walks. While the role of the leash is to help you monitor and adjust your dog's movement, leashes should be viewed more as a safety measure than a method of controlling your dog.

Steps to Success:

  • Get dog into a sterile, non-distracting environment.

  • Place leash in front of the dog and reward with treats each time your dog acknowledges or interacts with the leash.

  • Begin putting the leash on and off your dog, incorporating a marker word and treat each time the leash is removed.

  • Once they are comfortable having a leash clipped onto their collar, begin allowing your dog to walk around with the leash on.

Keep In Mind:

Your dog's leash is a safety barrier, allowing you to make sure they don't put themselves in harm's way. The leash isn't there for you to control your dog, only to keep them from harm.