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5 Best Ways to Sponsor a Service Dog for a Veteran

Updated: May 12

Sponsoring the training of an assistance dog for a veteran is one of the best ways to help our nation’s disabled veterans receive the support they need to recover from PTSD.

They may need a mobility dog, psychiatric assistance dog, or a fully trained one that also provides emotional support. In addition, sponsoring the nurturing and obedience training of a puppy bred to become a service dog is vital.

At Project 2 Heal, there are many ways to become involved in supporting our work.

Service Dog for a Veteran

1. Naming and Sponsoring a Puppy.

One of the easiest and most exciting ways to help provide an assistance dog to veterans is to sponsor and name a Project 2 Heal puppy! Most service dog training organizations have no breeding program, generally leaving no choice but to train dogs taken from shelters.

Unfortunately, on average, only 1 out of 12 shelter dogs becomes a successful assistance dog.

Labrador Retriever puppies bred, nurtured, and donated by Project 2 Heal are exponentially more successful in training than dogs taken from shelters. (Approximately 65%-75% of our puppies trained nationwide become successful assistance dogs.)

When you sponsor a Project 2 Heal puppy, not only do you get to honor a loved one by naming the dog for someone in your life, but your donation allows us to nurture them with proven development processes, critical socialization, and obedience training—each central to a puppy’s success in service dog certification.

When you name and sponsor a Project 2 Heal puppy, you’ll receive video updates on their progress and professional portraits of it and its siblings.

2. Join Our Army of Healing Pawtners.

Service Dog for a Veteran

When you support our mission of marking assistance dogs more available to veterans in need, you’re truly becoming a soldier for a soldier. Given the impact we know a dog can make in the lives of disabled veterans, we aptly refer to our monthly donors as our Army of Healing Pawtners.

Many of these generous donors choose to honor a loved one through their monthly donation— often a veteran in their own life. We offer a variety of donation levels when you register as a “Healing Pawtner.” You can choose from three levels: Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant.

Each of these levels incorporate various monthly donation levels, but each member of our Army of Healing Pawtners will receive a branded Project 2 Heal hat, a “paw-tograph” from a Project 2 Heal puppy, updates on their progress as our puppies are donated to assistance dog training organizations, and a Healing Pawtners car magnet to display proudly.

3. Sponsor a Full Litter of Puppies.

Service Dog for a Veteran

Ever wanted to name an entire litter of future service dogs? Project 2 Heal offers the option of sponsoring a litter of our puppies, each of which are primed for dog training through our proven development process.

Each year, several generous donors passionate about helping disabled veterans, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities sponsor an entire litter of puppies to help provide necessary nurturing, socialization, and obedience training.

Each of the wonderful benefits of sponsoring an individual puppy applies when you sponsor an entire litter — you’re just increasing your impact in making assistance dogs more available to people in need!

4. Sponsor a Fundraising Event.

Service Dog for a Veteran

For many nonprofit service dog organizations, an annual fundraising event is a primary source of funding. Each year, Project 2 Heal hosts an annual Putt for Pups golf tournament, all proceeds of which benefit our mission of increasing the availability of assistance dogs for veterans, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities.

This event is a great opportunity for businesses across the country to generate corporate goodwill in support of our work for veterans and other people in need of assistance dogs.

5. Sponsor Training of a Service Dog at a Partner Organization.

Service Dog for a Veteran

While Project 2 Heal firmly believes in sponsoring the nurturing and socializing of our puppies' experience through our program, we also recognize the important role sponsorship plays for our partner assistance dog training organizations.

For those interested in sponsoring the training of a Project 2 Heal puppy once donated to one of our partner organizations that work heavily with veterans and many other people in need:

Fidos for Freedom

The organization with which we have our longest-running partnership, Fidos for Freedom has a 90% success rate with our puppies. Many wonderful veterans have received fully trained service dogs donated to Fidos for Freedom by Project 2 Heal, including Ryan Kules and Brian McCrady.

K9s for Warriors

K9s for Warriors is the largest provider of assistance dogs to veterans in the United States.

Freedom Service Dogs of America

Demonstrating the nationwide need for our work, Freedom Service Dogs of America is located in Englewood, Colorado.

Sponsor a Future Assistance Dog for a Veteran Today.

When you sponsor a Project 2 Heal puppy, you’re helping to provide nurturing, socialization, and obedience training critical to their success in assistance dog training.

Thanks to your contribution, disabled veterans with physical and emotional challenges will benefit from the increased availability of assistance dogs. Become a soldier for a soldier today and join our Army of Healing Pawtners.

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