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Meet Bean

Our very special friend!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Bean, I am a Fox Red Labrador Retriever in Charlotte, NC.  

I was born from one of Project 2 Heal’s litters. When I was a very young puppy I wasn’t growing as fast as my brothers and sisters.  I was having a hard time eating and walking. My owner Charlie was worried about me so he took me to some doggie doctors to try and help me.

We found out that I had some things wrong with me that were very hard to pronounce. A Mega Esophagus and Myesthenia Gravis, a muscle disorder.

The doctors told Charlie that I might have a hard life and that it might be better for me to be put down. But Charlie said no. Charlie had some injuries in his life too so he understood what I was going through.

I wanted to live to be an old and happy dog. So I did everything I could to fight the diseases.

Today I take medicine three times a day and it helps me walk better. I have a special chair that I sit in to help keep me upright. I can only eat liquid foods.

But I love to play and one of my favorite things to do is swim! I get tired faster than the other dogs so I have had to learn my limits, but Charlie is great at taking care of me!

I am a very happy dog today despite my limits. I even have my own Facebook page and have made a ton of new friends. I have even had a book written about me. Charlie says that my story helps children understand that they can still lead a happy life even if they have a disability or are different in some way.

Learn more about my friends at Project 2 Heal and how you can help.  


Bean is Born

This beautifully illustrated children’s book is the story of Project 2 Heal’s very own Bean, a fox-red Labrador Retriever with special needs. 

This book teaches children that it is okay to be different, and that just because somebody is different doesn’t mean they are any less important or any less worthy of acceptance.

Price: $15 

(plus $5 for shipping)

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