Expert tips and behind-the-scenes looks at the service dog industry.

Meet our Director of Training, Cian Savage! Cian's love for dogs and ability to bring out the best in each puppy through knowledge and skillful training techniques adds plenty of value to our team.

You may know her from our new "hit" series, Stell's Kitchen, but Stella Shaw is an even better dog trainer than dog treat chef! Stella's natural ability to train these animals is complemented by her sense of humor and energy—she's a great part of the Project 2 Heal team!

We're kicking off a new social media challenge with a MAJOR GOAL—finding 1,000 NEW $5/MONTHLY DONORS! 🤩 Grab a lemon and join us in seeing if you can eat a lemon without making a face... PLUS, we're introducing newborn puppies!