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Junior trainer sessions

Register for dog training sessions with our professional trainers!

Join our training team and service-dogs-in-training for an experience your child will find enriching, educational, and most of all—FUN! Each session is 100% tailored to your child's interests, so that all participants take as much from this experience as possible. (Available for children ages 10-16.)

We're able to provide insight on leash manners, basic obedience, and even fun tricks to teach your dog! PLUS, participants will learn about basic dog psychology and physiology—important aspects of the training process. Your child will be playing a role in the training of our future service dogs, which will help veterans, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities. We can also provide updates on their favorite Project 2 Heal dogs once they've been donated for service dog training! All training is conducted with Project 2 Heal dogs.


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registration options

1 Participant | $45 for 1 Session | $160 for 4 Sessions

2 Participants | $60 for 1 session | $220 for 4 sessions

Contact Brittany, our Director of Operations, today to register your child for Junior Training Sessions! We'll provide you with available dates and times for training sessions.


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