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We invite you and your little ones to enjoy an unforgettable experience with our puppies!

get ready to Party with our puppies!

When it comes to nurturing puppies, "Puppy Parties" are certainly one of our favorite activities! We're so excited to share this wonderful experience with you and your children, either after school or on the weekend. Puppy Parties provide a lively educational experience for children with a love for animals!

Puppy Parties are led by our Puppy Development Manager and training staff, as they expose our pups to novel sounds, textures, and motion, using a variety of fun materials in our "Puppy Experience Room." Puppy Parties are vital to our nurturing process, as they stimulate the nervous systems of our pups and acclimate them to the novel stimuli they will encounter as service dogs.

Learn About pricing & Registration

Puppy Parties are available to groups of at least four people, requiring a donation of $100. Groups of five and six are also welcome, with required donations of $25 per additional person. Our puppies have two play periods per day, allowing for morning and afternoon sessions. We suggest children in attendance be at least eight years of age, as puppies begin teething at the age of five weeks. (If you have younger children under the age of eight, we can still offer a similar experience with younger puppies.)

*While this event is very safe, we do require a complete liability release prior to Puppy Parties.

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a perfect activity outside of school!

Reward your children for hard work in the classroom with a great after-school activity they can enjoy with friends!

our puppies love playing with kids!

Puppy Parties offer a great way to motivate or reward your children with an exciting after-school activity! Your child and a group of friends will learn about our process of nurturing puppies to prepare them for work as a service dog, while playing with them in a friendly environment!

Puppy Parties begin after a litter reaches the age of five weeks old and continue each day until they reach the age of eight weeks. We invite groups of people of all ages to enjoy a Puppy Party visit and can schedule a visit on weekday afternoons or any time on the weekend.

Your donation to Project 2 Heal supports our work of breeding and nurturing these Labrador Retriever puppies to become service dogs for veterans, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities.

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Contact our Puppy Development Manager, Terry Sanborn, today to further discuss this opportunity. We would love to hear from anyone in the Greater Charlotte area interested in helping us serve veterans, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities.

contact us TODAY!

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