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Service Organizations

The primary purpose of Project 2 Heal is to donate puppies to service dog organizations as a way to shorten the time it takes to place dogs and to lower the cost of placement.

Here’s what some of the organizations we work with say about Project 2 Heal:

"Project 2 Heal puppies are calm and confident, just what we need for a successful service dog.   From the 10 puppies donated by P2H, the four old enough have been matched and are service dogs with full public access, the other 6 are well on their way to this.   We have never had a 100% success rate, so this is truly amazing.”  Fidos for Freedom

​" When ICAN is fortunate to receive puppies from Project 2 heal we became very excited. We know that the pups were specially bred, using the best selection of parents that will provide the pups with the most ideal temperament and sound structure to become future service dogs. We also know that the pups received the best early socialization experiences that equip them with the strongest foundation to develop into stable service dogs. We are very grateful to Project 2 Heal for helping ICAN provide service dogs!! We only wish we had even more Project 2 Heal puppies.
Sally Irvin, PhD
Program Director
Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN)

If you're a part of a service dog training organizations please contact us today. We'd like to find a way to donate puppies to you.